An Afghan interpreter with the Farah Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) explains the recent medical Shura activities at the Chin Afghani Clinic in the Pusht Rod District of Farah Province, Afghanistan, to U.S. Navy Cmdr. Harvey Wilds, the commander of the PRT medical team, Dec. 29, 2009. Members of the PRT transported and accompanied the Farah Provincial Health Director, Dr. Abdul Jabar, (pictured near Cmdr. Wilds) and other Farah Hospital medical providers for an assessment of the clinic. This is the first medical facility that has a display of their medical Shura members’ names and family lineages. During the Shura, medical personnel meet to discuss public health concerns and then elevate those concerns to the district level and eventually to the provincial government representatives, such as Dr. Jabar. The Pusht Rod District Health Officer, also named Dr. Abdul Jabar, was in attendance to answer questions and to relay some of the recently discussed issues from the Shura.

Nouvelliste et reporter à CKCV Québec et directeur de l’information à CFLS Lévis, dans les années 70, Jacques N. Godbout a aussi travaillé sur le terrain pour divers instituts de sondage. Intervieweur, animateur et recruteur, il a participé à plusieurs projets de recherche qualitative.