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24 May 2013
Indian Ocean

A raft with seized narcotics is detonated in the Indian Ocean 24 May 2013.

The crew of HMCS TORONTO used naval demolitions to destroy a massive haul of seized narcotics following the fourth major interdiction in two months. TORONTO’s naval boarding party seized the narcotics in the Indian Ocean as part of ongoing maritime security operations.

TORONTO is currently deployed on OP Artemis, Canada’s contribution to CTF150, combating terrorism in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. TORONTO’s task is to detect, deter and protect against terrorist activity by patrolling and conducting maritime security operations in her area of responsibility. Her presence in the Arabian Sea also gives Canada the flexibility and capability to respond quickly to emerging crises in the region. CTF150 is one of three task forces commanded by CMF involving 29 nations in the naval partnership.

Video by Corporal Malcolm Byers, HMCS TORONTO

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